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We use only the highest quality vendors for our fabric and materials.

Sunbrella (from their website)

Once you have chosen the right shade structure for your home, the next step is finding the perfect fabric. An awning and umbrellas can be a way to add a burst of color to your space. Or if you are looking for your awning to blend in, match the fabric color with your home. Also keep in mind your furniture’s color palette – both inside and out. Your shade structure will be visible from inside the home, so be sure your fabric choice looks just as lovely from inside.

Dickson (from their website)

Twenty years ago Dickson was establishing itself as the ultimate reference in the awning fabrics industry. Today we are also recognized as the world’s leading manufacturer of technical textiles for home improvement and protection, with a strong presence in several markets including solar protection, indoor/outdoor furnishing and marine.

Innovative textiles for your world. Five words that attest to our powers of innovation and global reach. Innovation in textiles is what drives us on to conquer the markets of the future and meet the challenge of improving people’s living space.